What you should bring on a camping trip!

What You Should Bring on a Camping Trip

Camping is of course a great experience, but there’s nothing worse than quickly finding out you missed some essential items which make the camping trip harder, in some cases they can force you to head to the nearest shop for supplies – not a pleasant distraction! If you’re a natural forager then there are possible natural resources you can look for, but in this modern camping era where campsites are in abundance there’s really little need.

There will always be a core list of required equipment regardless of where you’re going, the list below is by no means an accomplished list, but may help for those going camping for the first time.  Some things should always be taken. Below is the “short list” of camping essentials that should always be included.

  • A Tent (of course!), don’t forget the larger the tent the larger the load! and also don’t forget the Sleeping Bag and/or air bed – unless you’re going hardcore !
  • The minimum amount of pots, pans and dishes required, along with basic utensils – disposable plates etc are handy, but remember the environment first, and don’t forget to dispose of them responsibly – along with your rubbish. Something to start the fire with (check if the camp site allows campfires too!)
  • A utility knife is always handy, and length of rope – you never know what you may need to tie down!
  • Water carrier, for drinking, cooking and cleaning. There are some great collapsable ones on the market.
  • Unless you’re planning to eat out most of the time, take non-messy foods, rich in energy that are compact and can be easily prepared. snacks are handy too, items like pasta, beans, sandwich pastes, chicken, nut mixes, and porridge (for Breakfast 🙂
  • Plenty of weather appropriate clothing, thin clothing that can be worn as 2 or three warm layers if necessary, but dries fast if needed to be washed and hung out –  ooh! a Tin opener may well be a must! And maybe the bottle opener 😉
  • A cooler if you need to store your food in a cool place.
  • Camping stove, there are some small compact stoves on the market ideal for backpacks which hold a single pan 🙂
  • Hand sanitiser and soap – hygiene is still important however hard it may be!
  • Optionally, outdoor gear like fishing or hiking equipment.

Already seems a lot right? and there are so many more we could add!

Of course most of us have transport available, but think about the experience, there are things you want to see and do, so you probably want to spend less time shifting gear around, setting it up or down, and packing the car! – Unless that’s your most favourite bit – in which case what a dream!

If not, then think ‘Compact’ make sure you only take as much as you need, stands to reason not to take a large BBQ, or an outdoor kitchen – unless you have the transport and the room for it right?! Common sense should always prevail.


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