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CampingWales.net is a fast growing, fair price marketing platform for Campsites and Caravan Sites, and a valuable tool for those looking to book somewhere to stay!

Looking for a place to stay? Our aim is to show you not just the premium paying camping and caravan sites, but all sites equally – from large family and adventure sites to the hidden gems. There are so many camp sites out there that you need to know about!

For Camp site owners, we provide a low cost, high traffic driven site, which means you’re not just listed below the premium ones, we won’t list you free and do nothing, and we won’t take a hefty percentage of your bookings either! We work for you as your marketing partner!

Subscription funds are channeled into marketing campaigns to gain more visitors. We use Social media and search engine tools to highlight all of our listings and gain visitors. Every Campsite listed on CampingWales.net is provided with the same premium profile offered by similar sites that charge much higher prices. Plus, every visitor to the site looking to book will be directed straight to the campsite to make their booking.

We at CampingWales.net are grateful that for this small annual fee, camping and caravan owners are supporting this growing source so we can serve not only the camping and caravanning sites, but provide great opportunities for visiting camp site travellers!


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