10 Camping Gift Ideas: Gadgets and Gizmos for Campers

For lovers of the outdoors there are endless gadgets, tools and toys to make camping not only fun, but a little bit more of a luxury.

Below is a roundup of 10 camping gift ideas that we love and we know our campers will too. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or a big camping trip: surprise your loved ones with one of these handy finds.

1. VSSL Thermos Flask 

This probably isn’t the image you have in your head when you visualise a Thermos Flask. The sleek design, stainless steel and added gadgets set this flask apart from the rest. The VSSL Flask comes in a range of designs with a choice of gizmos included. This one holds your choice of warm beverage (or a festive tipple) and the torch in the lid may just help you to find your way back to your pitch on the dark wintry evenings.

2. Rockbook 

RockBook-2-(permission, Anne van Eijsden)
Have you ever heard of stone paper? Using waste from mines, rocks are ground into dust and mixed with a non-toxic resin, heated up and transformed into paper using special, patented technology. Paper on the Rocks, based in The Netherlands, use this technology to create its infinitely recyclable notebooks. The Rockbook is waterproof, tear resistant and perfect for using while camping on one our many UK forest campsites.
3. HotRox – Electronic Hand Warmers 

Cold Hands (Shutterstock, Antonio Guiilem)
Sometimes, gadgets have perfectly fitting names; HotRox is one of them. The slim design manages to keep your hands toasty for 6 hours and can be charged via a mains socket or through a USB port. Great for a wintery forest walk, or as a life source when brewing a tea with the full force of the UK weather system against you.

4. Firefly LDH Laser Lamp

Firefly (permission, Erik Wellen)
No ordinary tent light, the Firefly is able to shine through fog and smoke, producing visibility similar to night vision. This portable light is great for camping because it doesn’t create shadows meaning no one can see what’s going on inside your tent. The hexagonal sides mean you can stand this pretty much anywhere inside your tent. Either use single use batteries or charge via mains, and shine bright throughout your camping trip – wherever you go!

5.Wallet Ninja

Multi-Tool (Shutterstock, PeterVrabel)
Great for anyone with a wallet, this 18-in-1 multi tool slips right into your wallet, ready for any emergency. A screwdriver, mobile phone stand, can opener, hex wrenches and bottle opener are just a few of the tools on this pocket sized wonder. Find out more here; they’re great for having on any camping trip and take up the smallest amount of space!

6. Vibration Sensor LED light 

Tent Lit up (Shutterstock, Mikael Damkier)
Looking much like an egg dressed ready for the disco, EGGTIVATE is bright enough to shine brightly even in daylight. This little egg may become your tent staple for middle of the night loo trips or for guiding you to your camp bed. Just tap the bottom of the egg against the ground or any hard surface, and the vibration will give you 6 minutes of warm LED light.

7. Inflatable Lounger

Inflatable Lounger (Shutterstock, Bolyuk Rostyslav)
Long gone are the days of clunky, fold up chairs, taking up room in the car. Snugboy is an inflatable and very comfortable lounger which packs into a small bag, perfect for throwing in the car. Take this with you on your camping trip and have a mega comfy, simple to put up chair anywhere you go. There’s even a pocket for your drink and phone!

8. The wearable sleeping bag
SLPY (Permission, Lisa SLPY)
Sometimes your sleeping bag is so cosy compared to the temperature of your tent that you just don’t want to get out of it. The Original Sleepy is the solution to the problem. Zip up the bottom at bed time to keep your feet snug just as you would a normal sleeping bag or pull it up around your waist and secure for middle of the night loo trips or sitting around for dinner. Just remember to take it off for the occasional shower.   

9. Waterproof Socks 

Waterproof Socks (Shutterstock, Jose AS Reyes)
Sealskinz hiking socks come with a lifetime guarantee which is perfect for our campers. Constructed with waterproof and windproof technology, merino wool lining for comfort and padded heels and toes – these socks pretty much indestructible. Coming in a range of jazzy colours, these make a great gift and are a little different to the socks you’d usually find in your stocking. 

10. Leatherman Tread Bracelet
Leatherman-Bracelet (Permission Jacqui Regan)
Who wouldn’t want the functionality of a Leatherman Tool anywhere and everywhere you go? The Leatherman Tread Bracelet has been designed with multiple tools in each link, making tools like Allen wrenches and screwdrivers available right on your wrist. With a 25 year guarantee and fully customisable links, this present will keep on giving for years to come.

(Written by campingintheforest.co.uk)


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